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  1. Jennifer Buckland says:

    I am just revisiting embroidery after over 50 years. I am not very confident but I am interested in your group. When do you meet? Once a fortnight, month? Even though I don’t have many skills it would be an opportunity for me to meet other interested people. I have recently moved here, from Skipton, to be near family. I would be grateful for more details.

    • Hilary says:

      Hello Jennifer,
      Thank you for getting in touch with Merseyside Expressive Stitchers’ Group. I have sent you an email to give you some more information about the group,
      Best wishes, Hilary

  2. Mavis Lee says:

    I was the raffle prize winner of the green bag and contents. I received this today – what a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much to those who prepared it.
    Thank you. Thank you.
    Mavis Lee

  3. Kathy Green says:

    To all at MEG for a lovely Regional Day day on Saturday. Congratulations & Well Done!,
    I really enjoyed the day.
    Congratulations to the competition winners,
    beautiful work.
    The exhibition pieces are magnificent. Hope we get to see them displayed at Speke Hall at some stage.
    Thank you all the hardworking committee . You did a great job.

  4. Jean Knowles says:

    In case your members might be interested, there’s a free (donations) talk from Macclesfield Museums
    on The Langley Pattern Book Collection –
    Free with donations.

    Jean Knowles (Textile Explorers (prev Chelford EG))

  5. Linda Beagan says:

    What a talented group of embroiderers. The theme of Speke is so rich for inspiration.
    Loved all the work. And congratulations to your young embroiderers, they have a super future ahead of them. Amazing!

    • Diana Hudson says:

      I first saw Mary Roscoe’s work in 2009 when she entered and won the EAC Art Awards c ompetition. I was impressed then. Now I’m inspired to try something similar. It’s so expressive and wonderful.

    • Diana Hudson says:

      Model from behind ( After Seurat) by Mary Roscoe is utterly astounding. Pointilism is difficult enough in paint never mind in thread. The lost and found edges are just stunning; the way her face blends into the background leaving the viewer’s brain to fill in he rest is a master stroke. I know this comment is years after the exhibition but I would love to know if this one is for sale.