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About the day-

10:42:14Fromsusanleishman2 to Michele ‐Zoom Host : All OK in Stirling. Enjoying it very much.

13:23:21FromPamelaHeadontoEveryone: Excellent session this morning. Thank you

15:25:35FromBrendaMullertoEveryone: Wonderful talks, Wonderful day, outstanding efforts from everyone. Thanks a million!

15:38:27FromKarinFranketoEveryone: Thank you all for your hard work in organising today. Excellent talks, so impressive

15:39:50FromgillabrahamtoEveryone: Thank you for a brilliant day Thanks

15:42:23FromLindatoMichele ‐Zoom Host : Congratulations on a very successful day. Well done all.

15:47:19FromGillGoodfellowtoEveryone: Thanks for a brilliant day ‐ two excellent speakers

15:54:46FromMiranda’siPhonetoEveryone: Well done everyone Impressive everyone!

15:55:32FromAlisonChapmantoEveryone: Well done to everyone

15:56:47FromMonicaSelwaytoEveryone: Congratulations to everyone from Monica

15:58:42FromPamelaHeadontoEveryone: What a special day. I do  hope all the groups can keep in touch

16:02:13FromLynnWilliamstoEveryone: Thank you all so much for a brilliant day

16:01:20Frommeg2toEveryone:  thank you all for a wonderful day. Well Done

16:02:14FromChristineSeymour‐GodwintoEveryone: Thank you all for a brilliant day.

16:02:21FromTheresaSaxontoEveryone: Thank you for a wonderful day!

16:02:21FromKathrynThompsontoEveryone: Superb day ‐ thank you to everyone who made it such a success.

16:02:23FromMiranda’siPhonetoEveryone: Thanks everyone for a great day!!

16:02:29FromAnnReadingtoEveryone: What a brilliant day. Excellent speakers and well organised. Thank you Merseyside.

16:02:33FromkarenhopetoEveryone: Great day thank you for all the hard work in organising today

16:02:48FromLindasowlertoEveryone: Thank you for a wonderful day. Brilliant talks and really well organised

16:03:12FromAnneRooneytoEveryone: superb well done

16:03:13FromStephanieKerrytoEveryone: to you all thank you so much for a fabulous, happy and informative day

16:03:23FromMonicaSelwaytoEveryone:Monica:thanks to all of you for a great day

16:03:42FromBrendaOttertoEveryone: Thank you for a wonderful day. Brenda Otter, and Sue Hayton, North Wales.

16:03:48FromJillCrowthertoEveryone:Congratulations MEG, a very successful day and two excellent speakers

16:03:52FromDonnaEatontoEveryone: Thank you to all who played a part in today’s organisation. A lovely Regional Day to remember.

16:04:10FromRuthPhilpotttoEveryone:Excellent day, thanks to all. Ruth, Rochdale

16:04:21FromHazelBryanttoEveryone:I’ve had a wonderful time; thank you all for your really hard work, Hazel in Sheffield x

16:04:25FromJoy’siPadtoEveryone: Many thanks for all your hard work, well done Merseyside

16:04:26FromValColeshawtoEveryone:The best £8.00 ever. miss the friendship but awesome day. Thank you especially to Merseyside. You are so brave.

16:04:53FromKarenHurrelltoEveryone: Thanks to everyone for organising this wonderful meeting

16:05:08FromiPad(2)toEveryone: What a wonderful day, thank you so much, and I have won a raffle prize too!

16:06:08FromTrishBlincoetoEveryone: thanks to everyone. It has been brilliant!!

16:06:19FromDianeMooretoEveryone: great day ladies ‐ and thank you for your hard work in making it happen xx

16:06:29FromJoyWellstoEveryone: A great day, thank you for organising it Merseyside, much appreciated! Joy, North Wales

16:06:36FromRoselietoEveryone: Thank you

16:06:45FromkaylancetoEveryone: What a fabulous day, thank you so much, I never thought I’d last all day but it was all riveting. The speakers were brilliant.Thank you for all your hard work.

16:07:07FromBridget’siPadtoEveryone:Thank you for an enjoyable day

16:08:58FromKarenStoEveryone:Thank you for a wonderful day

email- Please thank all of your branch for the excellent NW Regional Day, which was organised under very trying circumstances. Both speakers were excellent. I had to arrive late, because a Covid jab appointment, but I still enjoyed all I managed to see. With many best wishes,
Monica Selway, Parbold Branch

email- I have to thank you all again for a brilliant day. The organisation was terrific – I don’t think we would have done anywhere as well!! The speakers were great and it was lovely to see so many joining in. Here’s hoping the region will go on from strength to strength. All the best, Pat Blincoe

email- Thank you for an excellent day yesterday. The speakers were superb and the traders presented very well. Your organisation of the day was exemplary. I apologise if my ‘off stage’ gibberings caused any discomfort. My wife has told me off! Russell Ramsden

email- Hi Sarah, Kim & Michele, I just wanted to say an enormous thank you to you all for the hard work that you put into making the Regional Day today so very enjoyable. I would like you to pass my thanks on to your Chairlady Vicky and all others involved in the organising of this but I do not have their email addresses. You have all made me so welcome as my little video clip I hope purveyed. ‘Seeing’ you all on these zoom sessions has been truly happy and inspiring for me.  I so wish that I lived near enough to attend your meetings when you are able to meet live, but there you are hopefully I can still link in with the occasional Zoom meetings/talks that you will do. My very best wishes to you all in your new group venture I am sure it will be a great success. Bye for now, with my very best wishes, Stephanie Kerry xx

email-  Dear Vicky, What a lovely day I’ve had and I must congratulate you and your committee. Best wishes, Ann Elsey.

email- Hi Vicky, Just to say a big thank-you for the wonderful Regional Day you gave us. Such a big achievement to put in all online. What we lost in terms of putting on our glad rags and meeting up in person was balanced out by having great close ups of the speakers and their work. To see Linda’s creativity happen before our very eyes was a real treat. Never having seen Game of Thrones I now want to watch it to examine those embroideries ! You seem to be ahead of the game at Merseyside with your zoom meetings. A clever ploy with your choice of name to fit the M.E.G. initials ! At Bickerton we have only had the one free zoom meeting from Mary Pocklington. We haven’t yet worked out how to charge for speakers now we have no bank account. We are working on turning ourselves into a stitch group and are meeting soon to put our heads together, virtually of course. I hope we can continue to keep the links with other branches in the North West and help each other through the new reality.Thanks again to everyone involved on Saturday. Best stitchy wishes, Pam Kirk

email- Hi Vicki .What a triumph! How you managed to plan all this virtually I don’t know. You must have a brilliant and cohesive team. Michele s talk was right up my street having designed and made costumes for school plays for years including a few for Daniel Craig. What a super day . Cheers Ann Rogers

email- Hello Vicky, Hope you have a glass of something special in your hand. First you accepted the invitation to host, then accepted a postponement and finally we meet together on Zoom. It was frustrating seeing friends on line but not able to give them a hug. However the professionalism of your committee was outstanding. I’ve done a few Zoom demos but the standard here was excellent. I bought a  special HUE camera to aid but cant get voice to act with it yet. Another challenge !!! Your speakers were of a very high standard and I enjoyed the sellers bit. Maybe being sentimental, my favourite was Sreepur. Good to see Ruby’s daughter taking the reins. As said before , Best £8.00 spent in ages. Have a good and well deserved good nights sleep. Val Coleshaw

email- Hello Merseyside, This is a big thank you to all of your members who helped organise and especially the members who hosted the day on Saturday.It was a wonderful day and thank you all for persevering with your planning despite all the obstacles. Both speakers were a delight and the embroidery a joy to look at.Your zoom skills were impressive and thanks again for a very enjoyable and inspiring day. Sandra Kendall on behalf of North Lonsdale

email- I must write to say how much I have enjoyed the Regional Day last Saturday. Congratulations to the organisers and speakers. I was enthralled by everything all day. Thank you very much. Irene Pugmire (Preston Branch)

email- Just to add my congratulations for the excellent Zoom meeting on Sat, organisation was spot on and both speakers were outstanding, I thought it might be a long day but the time flew by so once again well done to you all. Chris Harris, formerly Glossop |EG

email- Hi Hilary, I had a wonderful day with you all on Saturday and thought it was amazing how well you had organised such an event! Congratulations to all the hard-working women involved; it was varied, the speakers were excellent and I came away enthused and fired up to do my little projects! The main joy was taking part and sharing our love of textiles and embroidery. Once again thank you so much for a happy day! All good wishes,Hazel (Sheffield ex EG member!)

email- Dear Hilary, Please pass on to your committee my thanks for such a lovely day on Saturday. I had to leave just after Michele’s talk for my Covid vaccination so had no time to comment on the chat. The whole day was organised superbly and both speakers were a delight. It was wonderful to see Linda actually create a piece of work and then to hear her speak about what she does with such imagination and humour. I am a great fan of Game of Thrones so I really did enjoy seeing Michele’s embroidery and hearing about its creation. You have certainly made the best of Zoom in these difficult times. It has enabled many of us to keep in touch and participate in events put on by other groups. Maybe best of all we’ve been able to see work close up and in detail. Once again thank you. It can’t have been an easy task to put the event together. All good wishes, Lois Wilkes – Ashbourne Creative Stitchers – formerly Ashbourne Embroiderers’ Guild

About Linda Miller’s talk-

12:04:06FromDonnaEaton to Everyone: Just a big thank you, very interesting talk.

12:04:09FromLynnWilliams to Everyone: Fantastic talk ‐ loved every minute, your work is fabulous.

12:04:37FromGillian’siPad(2) to Everyone: Fabulous work and fascinating talk. Thank you.

12:04:45FromChristineSeymour‐Godwin to Everyone: Fantastic talk thank you

12:04:45FromChristineSeymour‐Godwin to Everyone: Fantastic talk thank you


12:04:48FromRoselie to Everyone: Thanks, very enjoyable and entertaining

12:05:10FromAnnReading to Everyone: Love your work Linda. Such fun. Thank you

12:05:19Frommeg2 to Everyone: Really enjoyed your talk and seeing your work. Thank you

12:05:48FromBrendaBrown to Everyone: just like to say how much I enjoyed Linda’s sense of humour and fun in her work!

12:06:40FromLouiseWhitehead to Everyone: Lovely talk, enjoyed it very much.

12:11:07FromTheresaSaxon to Everyone: Thank you Linda for such  an interesting talk and showing us your joyful work.

12:11:15FromStephanieKerrytoEveryone: Thank you. Fascinating work. great

12:11:51FromJoyWellstoEveryone: Inspiring talk, thank you

12:12:21FromMargaretCrichtontoEveryone: Thank you for very inspiring talk

12:15:31FromRuthPhilpotttoEveryone: Thanks, wonderful.

12:15:31FromRuthPhilpotttoEveryone: Thanks, wonderful.

12:20:22From*LindaMillertoEveryone: Thank you Michele and Alice what fabulous IT skills!! Thank you everyone for making me so welcome, you were a great crowd to speak to. have a wonderful day and very happy stitching! x

About Michele Carragher’s talk-

15:17:22Fromsusanleishman2toEveryone: Saw Michele at Scottish Regional Day 2019. Brilliant to see everything close up today.

15:18:42FromLynnWilliamstoEveryone: Wow!! What fantastic work, so interesting and creative

15:18:57FromMiranda’siPhonetoEveryone:  Thank you so much ‐ that was so interesting & amazing to see the detail so close up

15:19:22FromMaggiePearsontoEveryone: That was just a brilliant talk. Thank you for organising it and thanks to Michelle for delivering it! Really inspirational.

15:19:43FromHazelBryanttoEveryone: stunning work; fascinating talk, thank you so much Michele. My mind is truly blown!!

15:20:14FromkarenhopetoEveryone: Great talk. Thank you

15:20:20FromGillRobertstoEveryone: Brilliant talk, thank you!

15:20:21FromRoselietoEveryone: Fantastic, I have seen Game of Thrones and never appreciated the work gone into the costumes. I certainly will take more notice of them in the future. Wonderful work. Its made me want to watch it again.!!

15:20:32FromStephanieKerrytoEveryone: Absolutely incredible work Michele. Fabulous talk, very clear and interesting. My mind is blown too!

15:20:51FromGillian’siPad(2)toEveryone: Thank you for a brilliant talk

15:21:00FromJoyClancy(UniversityofTwente)toEveryone: Wow. Amazing. I’ve watched Game of Thrones and when I watch it again I’ll see it through different eyes. Thank you for a really interesting presentation.

15:22:41FromTheresaSaxontoEveryone: Thank you for a wonderful talk!

15:22:53From*KimParkmantoEveryone: Fantastic work, Michele, and a fabulous talk.

15:25:13FromBridget’siPadtoEveryone Absolutely fabulous work thank you for a peek into your world

15:25:34FromkaylancetoEveryone: Great presentation, I will definitely be watching Game of Thrones. Your work is amazing, thank you for sharing your experience

15:27:42FromPamelaHeadontoEveryone: What a marvellous talk

15:29:16FromJoy’siPadtoEveryone: Absolutely fascinating talk

15:29:25FromRoselietoEveryone: Totally blown away with your work. Thank you so much for sharing.

15:29:56FromJoyWellstoEveryone: Brilliant talk, thank you!

15:33:32FromMelanieLeetoEveryone: Amazing costumes, thank you.

15:34:02FromRuthPhilpotttoEveryone: Absolutely superb. Thanks

15:34:20FromLindasowlertoEveryone: Brilliant talk, thank you

15:37:19FromMonicaSelwaytoEveryone: Again thank you for such great detail

About Competition winners and Raffle Prizes-

15:57:23From*KimParkmantoEveryone: Well done to our competition winners. What amazing work!

15:58:26Frommeg2toEveryone: Congratulations to all who have made the bags. They are beautiful

15:59:15FromMiranda’siPhonetoEveryone: Amazing bags! 👍



2 Responses to Comments and Reactions

  1. Mavis Lee says:

    I was the raffle prize winner of the green bag and contents. I received this today – what a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much to those who prepared it.
    Thank you. Thank you.
    Mavis Lee

  2. Kathy Green says:

    To all at MEG for a lovely Regional Day day on Saturday. Congratulations & Well Done!,
    I really enjoyed the day.
    Congratulations to the competition winners,
    beautiful work.
    The exhibition pieces are magnificent. Hope we get to see them displayed at Speke Hall at some stage.
    Thank you all the hardworking committee . You did a great job.

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