Merseyside Expressive Stitchers’ Group

Our new group will be welcoming many of the former MEG members and we also  look forward to welcoming new members from all walks of life with an interest in any type of stitchery or a desire to learn all about what we do. Whatever your textile and stitch craft interests are, or levels of ability, the varied programme and opportunities offer something for everyone. Read more  some About Us here. Or Membership Registration here.

Next meeting-  will be held-

 Saturday 20th November 2021

10am -4pm, All Hallows Centre, Greenhill Road, Liverpool L18 6JJ

We have a Workshop with Elizabeth Almond “Sacred Geometry”. From Ireland to India, the Far East to Arabia, sacred geometry unites all cultures and religions. Explore, design and stitch your own sacred geometric patterns and interpret them in embroidery, counted thread work and quilting. Prior booking is essential for this workshop.

Workshop costs £20 for members and £25 for visitors payable by BACS. There will also be a separate charge for a kit, TBA.

Payee Account- Merseyside Expressive Stitchers Group, Payee Account number- 01742051, Payee Sort Code 40-29-03

When you have paid please inform Diane or Pat, our Programme Secretaries (email programmesec@megonline.co.uk) and they will send you further details about the day.                            

We welcome members from other textile groups to come and join us!

Our October meeting in All Hallows Centre was a very sociable day within the perimeters of social distancing and was enjoyed by all. At the AGM we voted in new Co-Chairs- Michele King and Kim Parkman, and also welcomed our new Secretary- Patti Owen. The AGM was followed by a very interesting and informative Talk by Nawal Gebreel on the Textiles of Afghanistan. We have some photographs from the day here….

textiles in the collection of Nawal Gebreel, “Textiles of Afghanistan” Talk, Oct 2021

Chair’s Chat for September 2021 is available, just click the link

“Paintings to Stitch” Christmas Competition

This is just to remind you about our ‘Paintings to Stitch’ competition.

You will receive a postcard from Sarah in the mail and you can create a hand and/or machine stitched/quilted/appliquéd etc piece of any size inspired by it and that will be your entry for the Christmas Stitch competition in December.

Here are some questions you might have:

Do I have to reproduce the painting?

No. You might choose to reproduce a small detail from it e.g. a fruit bowl, a hat etc but it is not actually required.

I don’t like my painting, what should I do?

If you are uninspired by your picture, here are some things you could do:

  • Take the same colours and produce something completely different.
  • Use the same theme but in your own way e.g. if it is a boat or a seaside painting, do one completely of your own that bears no resemblance to the painting except in its theme.
  • Take the clothes from the figures and produce a piece that depicts a dress, a washing-line with the clothes on it, or clothes of your own design.
  • Produce a piece with a face if your painting has faces – it could be your own!
  • Ignore the figures and if your painting has a countryside background, make a piece with a landscape of your own choosing and no figures at all.

Do I have to send my finished piece anywhere?

No. If the Christmas party is an in-person event, you will bring it with you so everyone can vote for the winners. If it is on Zoom, you’ll be told well in advance and you can send in a photo of it and we’ll all vote online as we did last year, announcing the winners at the Christmas Party zoom event.

What should I take away from this information?

Basically, any influence or inspiration, even “I hate this picture!” is a valid response to a painting and we’ll be thrilled to see whatever you produce.

Lastly, look out for your postcard in case it gets mixed up and thrown  out with junk mail!!

Our September Workshop saw us back in All Hallows Centre, our first live meeting for quite some time. We had plenty of ventilation and social distancing, and a very successful workshop with a chance to chat with old friends. The workshop was “Beautiful Surfaces: from Traditional to Contemporary” with Judith Rowley, and we did fabric manipulation with hand stitch on beautifully soft turban cotton, which the tutor supplied. We have some photographs here …

WORKSHOP by Judith Rowley “Beautiful Surfaces: from the Traditional to the Contemporary”, September 2021

A small select group joined Maggie Pearson on Saturday 17th July for a ZOOM Workshop “Natural Dyes and Botanical Printing” Thanks to Michele for some photographs of the day, which you may view here.

student’s work at “Natural Dyes and Botanical Printing” ZOOM Workshop 2021

Preston Threads have a very inspiring exhibition taking place from 7th July – 27th August in the PR1 Gallery, Victoria Building, Victoria Street, Preston, PR1 7HD. The exhibition is a celebration of the cotton mills and the imprints of the industry on the landscape, local communities and social history. We happened to visit on a Meet the Makers day, which was wonderful as we got to learn first hand much of the history of the pieces. This exhibition is well worth a visit and in the meantime here are some photos of the work…..

INDUSTRIAL AFTERLIFE, Quarry Bank Mill, Styal by Janet Grimes, organza, wired ribbons, beading, gold threads, hand and machine embroidery, "Synergy" exhibition by Preston Threads, July 2021

INDUSTRIAL AFTERLIFE, Quarry Bank Mill, Styal by Janet Grimes, organza, wired ribbons, beading, gold threads, hand and machine embroidery, “Synergy” exhibition by Preston Threads, July 2021

We travelled to Ruthin, Wales to view Anne Kelly’s solo exhibition in Ruthin Craft Centre. The exhibition continues until 17th July 2021, so just time to make the trip before it ends. For a taster of what we saw here is the link to some photographs.


(detail) MAHARINI Gardens, mixed media textiles by Anne Kelly, Ruthin Craft Gallery, July 2021

(detail) MAHARINI Gardens, mixed media textiles by Anne Kelly, Ruthin Craft Gallery, July 2021

We visited “Ragtime” textile exhibition in Frodsham on a lovely sunny day. This exhibition is in Castle Park Arts Centre until 7th August 2021 and no pre booking required. You can also have a delicious lunch or afternoon tea while you are there to make a day of it! The work was colourful and cheerful, on a theme of Art Nouveau and Art Deco and you may have a look at some photos of the work here…… 

ACCRINGTON WINDOW by Nicky Robertson, Natural Progression Group, July 2021

We had a lovely Zoom Talk and Workshop with Helen Barnes recently entitled “Vietnamese Patterns” where we learned about Vietnamese stitching and made Vietnamese style bookmarks. Have a look here to see a report of the day….

Vietnamese workshop by Helen Barnes, end of the day at Merseyside Expressive Stitchers Group

Start-Up Challenge 2021

As we go forward with our new identity, we thought it might be nice to have a start-up challenge in which all our members and supporters can participate. The pieces won’t be judged, but they will be on display at our Afternoon Tea Party in August. Then we hope to join all the pieces together to form a border for a new banner!

You will be given an A5 piece of glorious orange fabric and you can use what ever techniques you please to make a design or picture. BUT, you must include – 1. a heart, 2. an animal, or bird, or butterfly or flower, 3. a sky blue thread, 4. a lime green thread 5. a metallic thread 6. a knot stitch. So there is the challenge!! You can see lot more info about how to get your fabric etc here Start Up Challenge

Some of our committee are taking advantage of the sunshine with a coffee morning at Liverpool Cathedral. It was glorious!

Some of our committee having a social distanced gathering at the Cathedral, May 2021

There is a lovely write-up about NW Regional Day 2021 in the April edition of CONTACT. Read all about it here! https://www.megonline.co.uk/nw-regional-day-write-up/

North West Regional Day 2021 

Saturday 24th April 2021.

Our first ever Virtual North West Regional Day  was a triumph! We had 112 people registered and 103 attendees on the day, which was enjoyed by all. Our Speakers – Linda Miller, the acclaimed Machine Embroidery artist, and Michele Carragher, Principal Costume Embroiderer for Game of Thrones were magnificent. They both shared their work and were a great inspiration to us all. The Rose Bowl and Aurifil competition entries were up to the usual high standard and the winners were announced at the close of the day. The Rose Bowl was won by Sandra Kendal from North Lonsdale branch with PSYCHEDELIC LOVE and the Aurifil Award for Excellence was won by Diane Moore from Merseyside branch with A GLIMPSE OF VENICE. Congratulations to all the winners! Have a look at all the comments and reactions, also the Raffle Prize winners here https://www.megonline.co.uk/nw-regional-day-2021/

1st Prize Winner, PSYCHEDELIC LOVE by Sandra Kendal, North Lonsdale branch, computer printed photos with machine stitch and appliqué, Rose Bowl competition 2021

1st Prize Winner, A GLIMPSE OF VENICE by Diane Moore, Merseyside branch, painted pieced surface, worked by machine and some hand stitching, Aurifil Competition 2021

We have lots of Stitchery items for sale for donations only. Just click on the link Stitchery Items and have a look. If you see something of interest contact Vicky chairman@megonline.co.uk and she will let you know where to collect them.