NW Regional Rose Bowl competition 2015

2015 NW Region Rose Bowl Competition was held in Chelford on 25th April 2015

The theme for 2015 was “Something Old, Something New”

FIRST PRIZE winner 2015 was Gill Roberts from Merseyside Embroiderers Guild

The CZARINA ELIZABETH dress was inspired by the story of the Amber Room at the Catherine Palace near St. Petersburg. Based on a dress from 1760, the period when the room was installed in the palace, the gown is based on a recycled wedding dress, which was altered to more resemble the style of the period. A new overskirt was constructed from layers of organza and metallic fibres, which was then free-machined with a floral design. A corset was then made, from a pattern from the period, which was heavily embroidered using goldwork and silk embroidery. The corset took around 120 hours to embroider and construct.

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