Tudor Speke Group Project for 2020

Tudor/ Speke Group Project 2019

The year 2020 is the 125th anniversary of The National Trust, and 2020 is also the year when Merseyside Embroiderers’ Guild will be hosting the NW Regional Day in L.A.C.E. Liverpool on 25th April.

We have teamed up with Speke Hall who are having a Tudor themed year in 2020, and would like to make a Tudor themed hanging as a Group Project with as many members of the branch as possible taking part. The completed hanging will form part of an embroidery display at NW Regional Day 2020, and will then go on display at Speke Hall, forming part of their permanent collection.

Free Passes to Speke Hall:

The organizers at Speke Hall have given all Merseyside Embroiderers’ Guild members a free entry card for one year, so you can visit Speke Hall and research the Tudor aspects of the house to your heart’s content. These passes are available from Vicky chair@megonline.co.uk

Group Project:

Everyone will have the opportunity to sew a slip in the Elizabethan style of Crewel Work. The designs are approximately 4ins x 4ins and when completed they will be cut out and appliqued on to a fabric panel to make a wall hanging.  

Designs and stitches:

The patterns for the slips are available from Michele micking2@aol.com or Brenda brenda.muller49@gmail.com The design sheets are free and there is also a stitch guide available which costs 50p per copy. Patterns, fabric and threads will also be available at each meeting.

Fabric to be used:

Vicky chair@megonline.co.uk  has the fabric which must be used to embroider the patterns. All the patterns, stitch guides and fabric will be available at each meeting. And you may also request them by emailing the relevant member. If you enjoy Crewel Work by all means make more than one!

We would like the embroidered slips to be completed and handed in by 7th December 2019, which is the date of our Christmas Party.

Individual Work for NW Regional day exhibition 2020:

We would like to invite members to produce individual pieces of work for our exhibition at L.A.C.E on 25th April 2020, which is when Merseyside branch will host NW Regional Day 2020.

Your piece of work must be loosely based on a Tudor theme, it may be any style of work which contains stitch, and may be any size which will fit on our display boards.

Below are some photographs of the Tudor aspects of Speke Hall. They may be copied and printed out freely. Or why not make use of your free pass and research Tudor Speke Hall for yourself!