The Palm House in Contemporary Threads, March 2020

Contemporary Threads is a textile art group based in Liverpool. We are passionate about all things textile and mixed media, bringing together stitchers who are members of the Quilter’s Guild, the Embroiderers’ Guild or no other groups at all. Our aim is to provide mutual inspiration for creating beautiful pieces, to encourage each other to stretch ourselves and to share ideas and techniques.

This is our first exhibition. We chose Sefton Park Palm House as our focus because it has so many dimensions, architectural and botanical, which invite interpretation in textiles and lend themselves to the diverse range of techniques and methods used by members of the group. The exhibtion reflects the diversity of our textile art in practice, from natural dyeing and ‘eco’ printing with leaves to dyeing and printing with commercial products, embroidery, quilting and felting. there is a wide range of individual exhibits and a group exhibit in which we have each taken a common outline of the Palm House and interpreted it in our own style.

Members of this group have a wide range of experiences of the Palm House and its story, which are reflected in our interpretations. Some of us remember coming here in our childhood, others remember the derelict phase in the late 1970’s. Some were actively involved in the campaign for a rescue and restoration, whilst others have discovered the Palm House through being involved in the exhibition. All of us are inspired by the Palm House’s magic and beauty, past and present, derelict and restored and have represented this in our exhibits.