Vestments in Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral 2014

The Embroidery Studio at Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King is a working textile studio, set up to create vestments, banners and textiles for churches of all denominations. The Artistic Director is David Peglar.
A collection of Ecclesiastic Vestments and other Church embroideries and textiles are housed in this studio, which may be viewed by appointment.
David Peglar would like some more embroiderers to join his Ecclesiastical Workshop which is held in the Embroidery Studio, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral each Monday. No pay, unfortunately, but plenty of tea and biscuits, while you embroider vestments for the Clergy under David’s guidance.
Phone David Peglar 0151 280 2392 if you would like to plan a visit to the studio, and also if you would like to volunteer to help embroider these vestments and church textiles.