2012 news

Young Embroiderers are members of The Embroiderers’ Guild aged 7 – 17 years. We meet monthly in Womens’ Hospital, Crown Street, Liverpool, L8 7SS. Come and join the fun.

We would be delighted if more young members came to join us.If you would like further information about Merseyside Young Embroiderers just contact youngembroiderers@megonline.co.uk

December 2012

This month there is no meeting of Young Embroiderers’ – instead they are all invited to attend our MEG Christmas Party, held in the Unitarian Church Hall, Ullet Road, Liverpool L17 2AA. Have a look at YE INFO PAGE for photos of the YE at the Christmas Party. Now we will have no more meetings until January 2013. We would like to wish Everyone a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in January.

November 2012

Today we again had some new members who came to see if they would like to join our Group. We welcomed Emma, Hadassah and Hope, and we know they enjoyed the day and will hopefully return again. As this is our last class before Christmas we made Christmas decorations. The girls each had a 8cm polystyrene ball, on which they marked out a design. Adults cut slits in the balls with a Stanley knife and the girls cut fabrics to fit and pushed the fabric into the slits to form a patchwork effect, before embellishing their creations with sequins for a bit of festive sparkle.

October 2012

We started today with 4 new members joining our Group. Welcome to Imogen, Zoe, Ava and Ruth – we know you enjoyed today and hope you return time after time. Today we were making felt elephant accessories which may be attached to a bag, a handbag or may even be used to attach a keyring. The elephants were sewn together with blanket stitch, then stuffed lightly and embellished with beads and sequins to add some glitz.

We have been asked to put on an exhibition in Voirrey Embroidery Centre, Brimstage, Wirral CH63 6JJ. The exhibition is running from Tuesday 2nd October 2012 – Sunday 28th october 2012. The opening times are Mon – Sat 10am-5pm, and Sun 1pm-5pm. We hope everyone will come and visit, but, if you can’t here are some photos to give you an idea of how hard we have worked during the past twelve months. Well done girls!

September 2012

Back again after our Summer Break and we have plenty to do.

Merseyside Young Embroiderers are holding an exhibition of crafts and embroidery in Voirrey Embroidery Centre, Brimstage Hall Courtyard, Brimstage, Wirral during the month of October (further details of this will be posted when dates are finalised). Also we are preparing for MEG’s Annual Christmas party, as this year there is a doll competition to which YE are invited to submit entries.

So this month we made rag dolls. The girls cut out paper patterns, pinned the pieces on to chosen fabric, sewed the body using the sewing machine, stuffed the dolls and have made a start adding hair and accessories. All in all a very busy day. We expect some exciting additions to our exhibition and also to the Christmas doll competition.

June 2012

On 2nd June 2012 Merseyside Embroiderers’ Guild opened their latest exhibition in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. The exhibition has  a WATER theme and our Young Embroiderers have been busy since January making items to go in this exhibition. They have made a wonderful hanging named “Under the Sea”, and also made individual pictures using the same materials. Then there are the appliqued duck flannels and the Watering Can calico bags, which make a wonderful display. We are also priviliged to have on display a Group Project piece entitled “Monet’s Garden”, which was made by Merseyside YE in 2005. Congratulations to all our Young Embroiderers who have made this exhibition a colourful success.

Our YE meeting on Sat 9th June was held in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. This is an enormous space and an inspiring place for our girls to gather together. We welcomed two new members today – Grace and Sophia. They enjoyed their day in the Cathedral and have promised to come back to join us in September. The girls were able to view and admire their contributions to our WATER exhibition and posed in front of their hanging for photos. Today we made and decorated felt shoe pincushions, before going to the Concert Room to have a preview of Kathryn Thompson’s Talk on “Dolls With Attitude”. We are having a rest now for Summer and will meet again in September. Well done girls and Happy Holidays!


May 2012

Today we welcomed Siobhan to her first meeting, We hope she enjoyed the day and continues to have a good time in  YE for some time to come. We also welcomed Norma Heron, our guest Tutor for today. Norma showed the girls how to embroider duck designs on to face flannels. Very appropriate to our WATER exhibition theme!  The girl’s learned several new embroidery stitches and had a good time making their duck into an individual personality.

April 2012

On 26th April the Embroiderers’ Guild NW Regional Day was held in Preston. Four of our young embroiderers put in Individual entries to the Kathleen Mansfield Trophy competition. Tayla McDonald was judged Third Prizewinner. Congratulations to Tayla! These embroideries by Merseyside Young Embroiderers – and many other embroideries can be seen in June at our Exhibition in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. See Whats On for further details.

We welcomed another new member this month as Grace joined her older sister today. We hope Grace enjoys many more sessions with Merseyside Young Embroiderers. Today the girls spent their time finishing off their individual embroideries on the WATER theme, which will be exhibited in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral during June 2012. Below are some of the finished embroideries before they were put into frames. 

March 2012

On 31st March 2012 the Embroiderers’ Guild National AGM was held in Southport. Lots of Embroiderers’ Guild members from all over the country came to hear what had been going on during the past year. There were several displays of embroidery to see and we have some photos of the YE display.

We had a very busy session today. Today the girls designed their individual embroideries, which will accompany the large group embroidery. Each design is on the theme of WATER, but each girl has interpreted the theme differently. We have a feminine pink fish, an octopus, a sequin clad turtle, a rockpool, and a red starfish. The girls all got started with embroidering the designs today and will complete them at home.

We look forward to seeing some exciting embroideries in April.

February 2012

We welcomed a new member to Young Embroiderers this month, and we also had a visit from Sue Abbott, our YE Representative, who was impressed by our Group Project which is progressing nicely. She reminded the girls about the Group and Individual competitions to be held at Regional Day, which takes place in Preston this year on 28th April.

The girls were divided into two groups and took turns making and painting fish and seahorses, or stitching the embroidered background to our WATER embroidery.

Next month the girls will work on their individual pictures for the WATER exhibition and will be adding the final touches to the Group Project.

 January 2012

We got together for our first meeting of the New Year to begin a large Group Project. In Liverpool Cathedral, at the beginning of June, Merseyside Embroiderers Guild are holding an embroidery exhibition on the theme of WATER. Merseyside Young Embroiderers are going to make a large piece to be exhibited at this event.

We have dyed calico, lace, ribbons and wool of all types a sea blue to make the background. Today was spent making waves on the background – the girls hand sewed embellishments of their choice on to squares, which are going to be joined together to make an expanse of sea.

Jan 2012 – beginning our WATER embroidery


Not only did we sew today – we also made paper-mache fish, shells, and sea horses. These are drying and wiil be painted next month. Watch out for further updates!

Jan 2012 – the background is taking shape