2013 news

Young Embroiderers are members of The Embroiderers’ Guild aged 7 – 17 years. We meet monthly in Womens’ Hospital, Crown Street, Liverpool, L8 7SS. Come and join the fun.

We would be delighted if more young members came to join us.If you would like further information about Merseyside Young Embroiderers just contact youngembroiderers@megonline.co.uk

Dates for 2013

  • 12th January 2013                 Meeting 10am – 2.30pm in Women’s Hospital
  • 9th February 2013                 Meeting 10am – 2.30pm in Women’s Hospital
  • 9th March 2013                      Meeting 10am – 2.30pm in Women’s Hospital
  • 13th April 2013                       Meeting 10am – 2.30pm in Women’s Hospital
  • 11th May 2013                       Meetiing !0am – 2.30pm in Women’s Hospital
  • 8th June 2013                        Meeting 10am – 2.30pm in Women’s Hospital
  •               no meeting in July
  •               no meeting in August
  • 14th September 2013           Meeting 10am – 2.30pm in Women’s Hospital
  • 12th October 2013                Meeting 10am – 2.30pm in Women’s Hospital
  • 9th November 2013              Meeting 10am – 2.30pm in Women’s Hospital
  • 30th November 2013            Young Embroiderers are invited to join in Merseyside Embroiderers Guild Christmas Party to be held from 2pm – 4pm in Unitarian Church Hall, Ullet Road, Liverpool L17 2AA

December 2013

This month there is no meeting of Young Embroiderers’ – instead they are all invited to attend our MEG Christmas Party, held in the Unitarian Church Hall, Ullet Road, Liverpool L17 2AA. Have a look at YE INFO PAGE for photos of the YE at the Christmas Party. Now we will have no more meetings until January 2014. We would like to wish Everyone a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in January 2014.

November 2013

Lots happening this month – we were pleased to welcome our NW Regional YE Representative Cathy Turner to our meeting, also our guset Tutor Norma Heron. We also had four new members today- Zoe, who is Emma and Zoe’s friend, Annie, who is Chloe’s friend, and twins Fionn and Eilis. Welcome to all and hope you will enjoy many more visits.

Norma helped the group to make some lovely tweed cushion fronts with appliqued designs of a cat, a dog, or a teddy bear. The designs were pinned, tacked and blanket stitched before having buttons or beads added for eyes and noses, plus some extra decoration. Have a look at all our photos below and you will see the progress of the embroideries and our Show and Tell at the end of the day.

It was Sophie’s last day as a Young Embroiderer this month as she will have her 17th birthday soon. Sophie has been a Young Embroiderer for 10 years and Val presented her with a leaving gift. We hope Sophie will go on to join Merseyside Embroiderers’, and we wish her good luck in her future exams.

October 2013

We had a special day today. BBC Radio Merseyside’s “Up For Crafts” have a new project called “Posting to the Past” to mark the centenary of the First World War in 2014. In partnership with Voluntary Arts England they are asking members of the public to embroider postcards to commemorate the event. Today, with the assistance of Workshop Facilitator Becky Waite, Merseyside Young Embroiderers designed and began to embroider their own commemorative postcards. All the postcards will be displayed in the Spring in Liverpool Central Library.

We have some photographs of the work in progress, and also a photo of a beautiful apron made in school by Grace Coltart. This was to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee. Well done, Grace!

September 2013

We are happy be be meeting again after the Summer Break. We had a small group today, but were very pleased to welcome Rubina Porter MBE as our Tutor today. Ruby is dedicated to the Sreepur Orphanage and Women’s Refuge Charity in Bangladesh, and you can see more of her work on SREEPUR REFUGE page of this website.

Today we enjoyed a full day’s activities with Ruby. She brought her MBE for us to admire and told us all about her visit to Buckingham Palace to receive it. She also showed the girls two videos of the life of Sreepur in Bangladesh, which we found very interesting. During Ruby’s latest visit to Sreepur she asked the girls to embroider their names on squares of Bangladesh silk, and she brought squares of silk for our group to embroider their names on. Ruby is also going to visit Wirral YE and Aberdeen YE where the girls will also be embroidering squares. These will all be put together to form a large wall hanging, which we will be able to see completed at the Merseyside Embroiderers’ Guild Christmas party 2013.

June 2013

This is our last meeting before we break up for the summer. Our next meeting is in September so we spent today completing all our unfinished projects. We also welcomed Chloe  to her first day with our group, and hope she returns in September. We had several projects on the go today- our more senior girls are still working towards completing their stuffed toy dogs, made with a commercial pattern, and we actually saw three dogs finished. What an achievement! The rest of the group had a variety of projects on the go. We had two Spring Trees finished today, and three needlecases completed, and a few sequin waste woven bags had their linings and shoulder straps added -also some small bags were very prettily decorated with lace edgings and embroidery stitches. All in all a busy and productive day. Have a good summer girls, and see you in September!

May 2013

Today we continued to have two separate themes in the group. The older girls have continued with their stuffed toy Project. Today Val explained the workings of the sewing machine , and the girls began to stitch together their toy dogs. The younger group are making needlecases in gingham with Chicken Scratch embroidery. This is a traditional form of embroidery which is believed to have originated in America during the early 1900’s, and which gives a very decorative effect to gingham. There was a lot of work involved to produce our needlecases, and only Zoe managed to get hers completed today. Never mind – next month we are gonig to spend some time completing sequin waste bags and embroidered needlecases, before we break up for the summer.

April 2013

There were 12 girls present at todays meeting, including Amy, who is Zoe’s friend. We welcome Amy and hope she enjoys our sessions. For the first time we divided the girls into two groups. The older girls are learning how to use a commercial paper pattern to make a stuffed toy dog- this venture will take two sessions, so we will have to wait until next month to see any completed toys. The younger girls wove ribbons and fancy threads into sequin waste to make beautiful shoulder bags. Tayla brought a lovely cushion she has embroidered for a school project in to show us. You may see a photo of it below, along with the progress the older girls made with their paper patterns, and the lovely colourful bags made by the younger group.

March 2013

We welcomed Sophie’s friend Lily to our Group this month, and hope she returns to many more meetings. We began some tree themed embroideries this month. The girls started by designing their trees on paper, and then transferring the designs on to calico. We used embroidery hoops for these embroideries, and six strands of stranded cotton couched down to form the trunk and branches of the tree. Then beads were added to the branches and these will be embellished with Lazy Daisy stitches to form leaves. It was a day of concentrating on learning new techniques and the group left feeling exhausted at the end of the day. We will have to wait until our next meeting to see the finished results as the girls will complete their pictures at home.

February 2013

This month we were pleased to welcome our NW Regional YE Representative Cathy Turner to our meeting. She will visit all the YE Branches in the North West Region over the course of the year.

Our project for February began with old school ties. Each branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild has been given a large amount of school ties as a Challenge. We have to produce embroideries with these ties to be dislayed in an exhibition at the NW Annual General Meeting in October 2013. Our Group used some of these ties to make beach hut collages, which will be joined together to make a large embroidery – the Merseyside YE entry to the Challenge. (We hope we will win a prize!) Have a look at the photos to see how our ties have been transformed into beach huts by the sea.

January 2013

Today our Group met again after our Christmas break, ready for a new year of embroidery and craft. We had 10 members present today and are looking forwards to Spring by making  some fabric flower brooches. The brooches are made by cutting out circles of fabric and sewing  to form petals, before adding a padded centre and some embellishment. As you will see from the photographs the girls produced quite a varied selection.