Bursary winner 2013

Hanna Wyn Roberts – winner of MEG Bursary 2013

Hanna is a second year student at Cardiff Metropolitan University, and she is studying for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Textiles.

Vicky is presenting Hannah Roberts with her Bursary cheque

Vicky is presenting Hannah Roberts with her Bursary cheque


Hanna is a Liverpool girl and her home address is in Wavertree, Liverpool. She has agreed to come to our September Tea Party to receive her cheque, so we will all have an opportunity to meet our first Bursary winner.

Have a look at some of Hanna’s work below…..

Description of work – Hanna W Roberts (4)


19th January 2014

We have an update from Hanna Wyn Roberts, who is now in Year 3 of her degree course, and has sent her latest collection of work.

Hanna Wyn Roberts


July 2014 – Update to Hanna Wyn Roberts progress

Hanna has now graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University as a Bachelor of Arts (Textiles). She graduated with First Class Honours. Below is a statement of her work and some pictures from her final Degree Show. Congratulations and good luck for the future, Hanna!

Hanna Wyn Roberts

‘Yr Edafedd a’r Nodwydd’ identifies the social and cultural influences of the Welsh language to cross stitch and hand embroidery in Wales. As a strong Welsh tradition, my journey with Embroidery has broadened my understanding of the importance of Welsh literature and has helped me to analyze the developments and evolution of stitch in Wales.

In order to carry out progressive research for my final documentation booklet, it has been immensely beneficial to have gained supportive feedback from members of Cymdeithas Brodwaith Cymru, who were so kind and generous of their time and expertise. The most exciting aspect of my research was getting to know the members on an individual basis and building friendships. It was inspiring to see a flourishing community of women across Wales with an interest in Embroidery coming together to express Welsh traditions and literature and its importance to be keep alive for generations to come.

Through the making of the book, I have always been keen to incorporate soft and hard materials together to create an interesting take of using slate, fabrics and stitch. I decided to use slate plaques as covers for my documentation booklet to express how close some of the members are local to slate mines in areas of North Wales. The Celtic border, logo and description have been specifically engraved to enhance the appearance of the book. With careful consideration of what I wanted to include in the book, all individual pages have been organized to create a documentation story.

September 2014

We invited Hanna Wyn Roberts to exhibit her latest work at Merseyside Embroiderers Guild September Tea Party. Below is a photo of Hanna with her embroideries.

Hanna Wyn Roberts with an exhibition of her embroidered pictures at 2014 September Tea Party

Hanna Wyn Roberts with an exhibition of her embroidered pictures at 2014 September Tea Party