e book- Durham City Branch celebrates 25 years

Durham City Branch celebrates 25 years. To have a look at the e-book Just click on link here

This latest e-book has been produced by the Embroiderers’ Guild and members of the Durham City Branch to celebrate the branch’s 25th birthday and to showcase their Photo Panel anniversary project.

The Durham City branch have kindly shared the story behind the project, the process, a close look at the stitched details for you to enjoy with some words from members throughout as well as useful details on how the project was put together and mounted. You will then get to see the fantastic final piece!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish a very happy 25th anniversary to the Durham City Branch with our best wishes for the future.

This publication is part of a special collection of e-books in which we honour the most important and valuable elements of the Guild, from the Embroiderers’ Guild Collection to the creative spirit of our membership.