Chair’s Chat 2021

February 2021

One month into the year, one month into Lockdown; not a good beginning to 2021 but one we have used to complete various projects! This pleases me as too many UFOs seem to be lying around. Have you finished any? Please do and send photos to Brenda for inclusion on the website for the Regional Day. The individual slips look grand on their hanging.

The CEO from Guild HQ has retired, rather suddenly but his health was not good. At least his salary will not be a drain on our resources! I hope the people at HQ will keep the Guild running smoothly and within budget.

I always loved this month when in work; only 4 weeks between paydays and the beginning of Spring flowers in the parks and gardens. I’ve been doing a lot of walking by the river and noticed green shoots coming up on the grassy banks and between shrubs. The virus maybe dominating our lives but not Nature! Nikki Parmenter has an article in the latest edition of Stitch, have you seen it? Her exhibition is still in Gawthorpe Hall and she will be joining with Textile 21 in Chester Cathedral in April. It’s so good to hear that such work will be on show. Just hope restrictions will be lifted in time.

Keep the Regional Day date in mind and register, the form is on the website. Pay then or next month. Kim will be sending out all the necessary information. The committee have been very busy and all the various elements are coming together; Hurray!!Keep well, go for your vaccination when called and keep smiling!

 January 2021  
Once again I wish all members and their families a good new year! We start the new decade with high hopes for fewer disruptions to our daily lives. Many people have become isolated from friends and activities. Your Guild branch has been holding us all together with Zoom meetings; being able to see others is very uplifting. Kim and Alice are busy organising events for third Saturdays, at the usual meeting times. Keep an eye on the web page; Hilary will fill in details as soon as she has them.

Perhaps you are like me and giving sewing a rest for now. The interest and encouragement of friends is a great stimulus to my stitching. I followed one friend’s advice and treated myself to a kit but now find the size of stitches too small for comfort. New glasses, I hope, will make life easier.

Talking of meetings: we are still planning our Regional Day in April, over the web. Michele is our Zoom master and I greatly admire her ability to control numbers of participants. The speakers we booked originally are happy to give their illustrated talks over the web. Please put the date in your new diaries.

Keep healthy and warm. Phone family and friends; do keep in touch with those you normally would see. Smile at strangers as we all need some contact with people. Best wishes for 2021.