2019 News

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Young Embroiderers are members of The Embroiderers’ Guild aged 7 – 17 years. We meet monthly in Womens’ Hospital, Crown Street, Liverpool, L8 7SS.

2019 got off to a good start on 12th January when we met with four young embroiderers to construct and decorate a felt butterfly on a leaf. There was a wide selection of glittery thread, beads and sequins to add to their stitches and it was interesting to see how different all the butterflies turned out (some of them had doubled their weight in sequins, sparkles were very popular!) We were having too much fun to quite finish the butterflies which were intended to hang on a doorknob as adornment, but we hope the girls will bring us the finished piece next time. Next meeting is 9th February.

Merseyside young embroiderers