Elizabeth Shelbourne

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Protective Routes Exhibition

The Coach House, Calderstones Park, Liverpool

November 13th– 19th 2017

by Liz Shelbourne and Jennie Wishart

The title Protective Routes was coined by our sister Christine for the Derbyshire Open studio which we took part in May of this year.  We felt the title was particularly pertinent as exhibiting as sisters it provided us with the confidence and protection of family to put on the show. We also felt the word routes could also be spelt roots and again link to family and our joint and individual journeys.

We thought one of the main challenges would to how best to present the work to create an exhibition that held together well. This however proved to be surprisingly easy. Although our work was quite different, with Jennie exhibiting paintings with strong narratives and myself  work in textiles, that responded to the environment and the world around me. The work enhanced and complemented each other, with the unifying factor being our strong sense of colour.

As I had recently taken early retirement from teaching, my body of work had been developed over a long period of time and the techniques and methods  are often experimental and fed into my teaching. The exhibition meant that many half finished projects were completed with the large batik quilting being a brand new piece. My membership in the guild has inspired many of the techniques used, as I combine contemporary methods with traditional forms of stitch.  I am excited about the future as I now have the space and time to develop my art.

The exhibition was well attended by friends, family and members of the public including many cultured dogs. The feedback we received was encouraging and much of our work has found new homes.

Liz Shelbourne