Chair’s Chat

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Chair’s Chat by Vicky Williams

February 2018

I’ve seen daffodils blooming and the grey days are shortening, soon Spring will be with us. It is hard to settle to stitching in the short days but now my interest has been revised. Our first meeting of the year always stimulates and our speaker certainly did! What glorious colours!

I hope you all enjoyed your museum visit, what a marvellous collection to inspire us for the exhibition. We owe many thanks to Kim for organising these visits.

The exhibition we are planning appears to be stimulating other groups; The  Cook Society has a lecture at the Maritime Museum on June 23, given by  Steve Randnall. Records show that a Liverpudlian was in the crew, which certainly brings in the local interest. Should be a fascinating talk.

Posters will be soon be available for people to distribute so keep your eyes peeled for  windows suitable for display.

Your committee is always looking ahead; one event is the Open Day in May. With this in mind please bring to our next meetings good items you can donate to the Tombola stall. We will require a varied selection to help our funds, so find the Christmas gifts already pushed to the back of the cupboard.

January 2018

Can you remember the New Year? This time I was with my sister and friends so there was much chat and laughter. I just wish the motorway as happy on my return journey! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday with family and friends.

2018 is our year to celebrate Cook’s first voyage to Tahiti and other romantic sounding destinations.  I hope your pieces are growing. If you are not sure of how to finish off, bring it to our next meeting; Val is giving a master class in lacing and the best type of frame.

This year commemorates the universal suffrage movement so let us do our best to remember the feisty women who led the way and gave the rights to all for work and play. Only our personal limitations hold us back, so stretch your talents when thinking of your next project. Friends are always willing to offer advice; perhaps their stash bag has just the colour you need! I’m about to begin my second piece, with a lot of help from a friend. Good luck in all your endeavours!

December 2017

First I wish you all a good happy Christmas with those you love. Enjoy seeing in the New Year in whatever manner suits you best. I prefer an early night with a good book nowadays although I can remember seeing in the New Year in Edinburgh with appropriate singing and dancing.  I find it amazing that we’ve almost lived through 2 decades of the 21st century! Where ever you see it in may the future bring you happiness and peace.

The Christmas Party had much to recommend although the lack of members was rather depressing. Those loyal people who did support the branch were very generous and branch funds have benefited.

I do hope you will find time to work at your pieces for the Endeavour exhibition. I know how quickly time passes and ideas haven’t even reached the material stage. Ideas are running round in my head but putting them into reality needs time to sit and think. Do come to our first meeting in January and bring pieces to show. Val will demonstrate how to lace finished pieces and the type of hanging required. Also that day you are asked to come wearing black so our speaker can use us for demonstrating her style of weaving. She comes highly recommended by Wirral branch.

Following on our vote to stay with the Embroiderers’ Guild the CEO, Terry Murphy, has expressed interest in meeting us and other NW members. Kim is busy sorting a date so watch the website for more details. He is prepared to answer questions submitted beforehand. This should make an interesting session.  We should also be visiting the Museum for our behind the scenes sessions next month. I know Kim nearly filled the 3 bookings she has organised with the World Museum. Do contact her if you missed out on a date.

November 2017

Chair’s Chat Nov ‘17

Our vote earlier in the year proved that members wish to stay affiliated to the Embroiderers’ Guild, an association that gives us contacts nationwide; this means we can visit branches when on holiday around the country. Give it a try and join another group of like-minded people and see what they do. All the branches are listed on HQ website and I have found people welcoming and interesting. Our recent visit to the North Wales exhibition showed the talent that exists nationwide. The scheme our branch began a few years back of exchanging visits also lets us share ideas and inspirations.

Do use H.Q.’s website, you just need your membership number, then you can see what is being planned nationwide and in the regions. The Annual Stitch Day is held in the summer and is a jolly occasion. Although Merseyside has not participated every year I’m hoping we can next year, to publicise our forthcoming exhibition. If you hear of an event in the region that concerns stitch or textile please send details to Hilary for inclusion on our web site.

 Do run-off a copy of the Party Poster and display in your local church/centre/shops. Encourage friends and family to come along. We have found that personal invitations can lead to membership; your branch requires new members to keep it viable. If anyone can donate a suitable unwrapped gift for the Raffle, Val and I will be grateful; we are running this activity at the Party. Anyone willing to help at the Party will always be welcome. See you then!