Chair’s Chat 2020

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April 2020

“In like a lion and out like a lamb”, the old saying goes about March; I hope the lamb has a good woolly coat as it is going to be a chilly start to April. Plants seem to know the temperature will be pleasant, with trees blooming and daffodils dancing but I feel they are teasing us.

I hope you’ve all read the notice sent by Hilary for the new themed display. Ann Thyer suggested we all start work on a new piece, to give us something to work towards. I had my first experience of a Zoom meeting this week and it has helped me to pick up a piece begun months back. People I’ve spoken to have reported on going back to pieces begun a while ago. We all have UFOs lurking so these enforced quiet days are the golden opportunity to continue with them.

I’ve also purchased two lovely books, one a real treat, so watch the Book review pages for more details. I’m also doing much catching up in that department, with the bedside pile reducing.

Many of you know I’ve been experiencing decorating problems; this matter is in abeyance but will resume once we’re all allowed to resume a normal life. Kim, our programme secretary is hard at work sorting the rest of this year’s speakers/workshops. The postponed Regional Day is booked for 24 04 2021, at the same venue and with the same speakers! Please let the sun shine and the virus disappear!

Take care where ever you are, keep your spirits up and phone a friend for an uplifting chat.

March 2020

How’s it growing? Your entry for our display at the Regional Day I mean. I’m sure many of you have lovely pieces to bring to our meeting this month. Please make sure your details are recorded on the reverse and also on your wrappings.

There is a second chance to bring your piece to the April meeting so don’t panic. I’m still sewing my design based on an area of Speke Hall. A smaller design I completed last year was recently featured in the Australian magazine “Inspirations”. Quite flattering!

Also this month one of our members is giving us an insight to her growing knowledge of costume making, come and learn what is required.

The present wet weather is having a bad effect on our cats; the little one keeps looking through the cat flap, but decides against venturing out as the sleet descends! In frustration he turns on the older/larger cat that shares our home and fur often flys! Peace comes eventually. I trust all members are keeping warm and dry.

February 2020

I hope you have received the latest copy of “Stitch” magazine; it contains a number of items which are relevant to our branch.

If you went to Harrogate you would have admired the entries for the “Home” exhibition; two of our members submitted pieces and one is featured in the magazine, well done Maggie!

There is also Nikki Parmenter’s award winning piece in the Drama and Creativity section. We saw this in Nikki’s exhibition at the Williamson Gallery and all the other brightly coloured examples when she gave us her inspiring workshop last year.

Thirdly, there is an announcement of our forthcoming Regional Day for all the embroidery world to see in the “What’s On” section. Do purchase you ticket soon and look forward to a jolly day with like-minded people. The price is very reasonable when compared to other events in the city. Two renowned speakers sharing their expertise plus traders bought to you. The venue is on the edge of Sefton Park so hopefully the spring flowers will be out, making for a pleasant stroll to conclude the day. Encourage friends and others who enjoy the use of textiles and colour to join us, who knows they may join the Guild and bring fresh enthusiasm to our meetings.

January 2020

New Year greetings to you all! I trust this holiday season has been fun for you all. Not too much time spent in the kitchen but with loved ones and friends.

My son cooked on Christmas day and family were busy in Surrey when I arrived on Boxing Day; two delicious meals with family! Lucky me.

2020 has arrived which means our Regional Day at LACE is that much nearer. I hope you all have the date in your diary and will contact Hilary for your ticket. The subcommittee has been working hard on details; we had a Christmas meal at LACE to sample the food and all decided it was very good! A positive sign for April 23. There will be more details at our meetings. Many thanks to those of you who have offered to help steward; no one will be expected to help all day, just at certain times, so we can all enjoy the speakers. The Lord Mayor is attending the afternoon session and will help judge the competitions. I know many of you are busy stitching for these and our Tudor display.

Here’s hoping for a peaceful time ahead and more time for sewing